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Why should I choose Codipack Group?

Good question. Well, Codipack is a healthy company with a winning mentality. We work with passion for you, and you can feel it. You can expect a total solution from us. From sales advice to installation and maintenance. Together with you, we look for the right device, the right solution. With more than 30 years of experience, we can consider ourselves as an expert company in our fields of activity.
Are you an independent chocolatier or a multinational? We always have a personalized approach adapted to your needs.

Contact us.

How can I contact the right person at Codipack?

It is sometimes difficult not to get lost between all the information and solutions on our website. You may not find the right application right away.
Don’t hesitate to call our receptionist, her name is Ellen. She will put you in touch with the right person.

From Belgium: +32 14 25 40 40
From the Netherlands: +31 40 241 00 30

Of course, you can also send us an e-mail to info@codipack.com.


Can I label pallets automatically?

The Evolabel FlexWipe takes an innovative approach to pallet labelling. This automatic labeling system is 100% safe.
The Evolabel FlexWipe is flexible. Compact with a single applicator arm for 3-sided labeling. The applicator arm can rotate 360° and the labels can exit the printer in 2 directions.

For more information about Evolabel FlexWipe, click here.

Or contact us directly at info@codipack.com

Can I automatically label at variable heights?

Yes, you can. Codipack has the Swedish quality for this. With Evolabel, you can label your products or packaging automatically. The printing and application machine automatically adjusts its height according to the height of your package.

Contact us for more information via info@codipack.com.

What are deep-freeze labels?

There are two types of freezer labels. The difference is in the glue used. It depends on when you label.
There are labels that you apply to products in an environment above 0°C and then take them to a frozen environment down to -40°C.

There are other labels that are applied directly to certain frozen products.

The difference lies in the type of glue.

Does the Codipack range also include thermal labels?

Thermal labels have a top layer. This top layer reacts to the heating of the print head. The heated part discolors and shows what needs to be printed. These are labels with a short life span, for example a receipt.

Does Codipack supply labels for my label printer?

Yes, we do.
Codipack does not only deliver labels for the printer you purchased through Codipack. We can also deliver labels for printers that do not come from us. Don’t hesitate to ask for a price via supplies@codipack.com

How do I best store my labels?

Keep your labels in a dry place, in the original packaging. In a place without big temperature fluctuations, in an environment without humidity.
The best conditions for storing labels are room temperature (+20°C) and a humidity of 50% (RH50%).

Can I also order labels from Codipack?

Yes, you can.
With 4 fully automated production lines, we manufacture quality labels. From the best base material. With the most suitable adhesive. And the right carrier tape.
You can also find special labels from us, such as water-soluble labels or labels for refrigerated environments.
More information? Contact Jan Degroof via jan.degroof@codipack.com.

What accessories are available for label printers?

The two most commonly used accessories are dispensers and rewinders.
A dispenser ensures that the labels – once they are all printed – are dispensed 1 by 1 so that they can be stuck on immediately. Codipack’s label dispenser is available in three versions: automatic label dispensers, manual label dispensers and label clamps.

A rewinder ensures that the labels are rewound after printing. You can find more information about dispensers and rewinders on our website.

How do I choose the right label printer?

There are a number of things to think about when working with a label printer. What are the dimensions of your labels? Do you need certain options such as a cutter or a dispenser? What information will you be printing and what interfaces should the printer contain? You see, there’s a lot to consider. But don’t worry, at Codipack we are here to offer you the best solution for you.

Printing - coding - scanning

Does Codipack offer ink ribbons?

Of course we do. At Codipack, you can find different types of ink ribbons, including wax, wax-resin and resin ribbons. With the right choice of thermal transfer ribbon, you will get better print quality and increase the life of your valuable printhead. Contact us to make the right choice at jan.degroof@codipack.com.

How does a USB scanner work?

A USB scanner is recognized by the computer as a keyboard. All scanned barcodes are transmitted, as is keyboard input.

Is an inkjet printer suitable in a food production environment?

Codipack has a range of food grade inks and provides the necessary certificates. We even have edible inks that can come into direct contact with food.

Will Codipack install the labeling machines?

After ordering your machine, a project manager will be assigned to visit your site and go over all the details with you.
For the installation itself, Codipack has a team of service engineers who will carry out the installation on site according to the agreements made with the project manager. In this way, Codipack ensures a perfect delivery.

What is the difference between simple “print & apply” and “print & apply” in real time?

With the “print & apply” system, there can be a buffer of printed labels between the printer and the application system. With real time print & apply, there is no buffer between the printer and the application system. The printed label is applied immediately.

Can I get spare parts for my devices from Codipack?

Codipack delivers original parts for the devices we sell as long as they are still produced by the manufacturer.

Do you need spare parts? Do not hesitate to contact us at parts@codipack.com.

How can I determine the correct resolution for my printer?

The resolution is expressed in DPI values. DPI stands for Dots Per Inch. It is the number of dots per inch. One inch is 2.54 centimeters. The more of these “dots” on a small area, the higher the resolution and the sharper the image.

For printing text and 1D barcodes, a resolution of 203 DPI is sufficient. If you want to print 2D barcodes (such as QR codes), logos, images or very fine text, we recommend a resolution of 305 DPI. Some printers are also available in 600 DPI resolution, for specific applications where sharpness must be very high.

What is thermal transfer printing?

Thermal transfer printing uses an ink ribbon. It is located between the print head and the surface to be printed. By heating the printhead, the ink is released and the data is printed on the label. This application is suitable for labels where the print must remain readable for a long period of time.

What is direct thermal printing?

Direct thermal printing is ideal for labels with a short life span. Think of a receipt, for example. With direct thermal labels, the ink is embedded in the label. The print is created by heating the print head. The label has a top layer. This reacts to the heating. The heated part fades and shows what is to be printed. The advantage is that you do not need ribbons to print. The disadvantage is that the print head can wear out faster because of the direct contact with the label.

What is the difference between inkjet and laser?

Inkjet brings information to a product. The inkjet head prepares tiny drops of ink and then blows them onto the object.
A laser does not apply to the surface of the object, but burns it. This technology is used to capture the information on a product. There is no contact between the product and the coding system.
Do you want to know more? Check out our blog article.

Service & maintenance

Does Codipack offer a maintenance contract?

Yes, we do. Our goal is to provide quality total solutions that we stand behind and are proud of, but also that our customers are satisfied with. A Codipack Care Service Agreement is an important part of this.

Please contact christof.doultremont@codipack.com for more information on how a service agreement can work for your environment.

Why is a hardware service agreement necessary?

With a service agreement you are assured of periodic maintenance of your Codipack devices. The objective is to proactively prevent malfunctions, improve the operation and reliability of the devices and reduce your maintenance and repair costs. In the event of a problem, you get the best and most economical Codipack service.

Please contact christof.doultremont@codipack.com for more information on a service contract for your environment.

Will Codipack install the labeling machines?

After ordering your machine, a project manager will be assigned to visit your site and go over all the details with you.
For the installation itself, Codipack has a team of service engineers who will carry out the installation on site according to the agreements made with the project manager. In this way, Codipack ensures a perfect delivery.


Why do I need a label management system?

A label management system ensures that your designs are used as efficiently as possible. They are not scattered on all sorts of computers and are not duplicated. It also prevents you from having to design a label for every item-customer combination, which means you’ll have to maintain thousands of layouts over time. A well-designed label management system is cost-effective.

What is NiceLabel?

NiceLabel is a collective name for labeling software ranging from a designer to a complete label management system. You can use it to design and manage labels and ensure that the right information is on your label.
Here is an example from the field.

For more information about NiceLabel, send us an e-mail at chris.bel@codipack.com.


Can I take a training course at Codipack?

Codipack provides training on a regular basis.
Customized for the customer, for example how to best perform standard maintenance on your printer. And also group training, for example on how to use the NiceLabel software.

Contact us for more information at info@codipack.com

What is the plant passport?

All cuttings, seeds, young plants and trees must have a plant passport. Mandatory. You need a plant passport for the trade and transport of certain plants and plant propagating material in Europe. It indicates the identity and origin of the shipment and allows you to trace the original producer.

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