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palletlabelen Codipack

Pallet labelling system

The name gives it away, but a pallet labelling machine is about systems specifically designed to label pallets efficiently. They automatically apply A5 SSCC labels to one or more sides of a pallet.

etiketteermachine voor voorbedrukte labels

Labelling system

We speak of a labelling machine when the machine only applies labels. This makes the machine highly suitable for pre-printed labels. The system ensures that each product is automatically and accurately labelled.

Print & Apply system

The Print & Apply machines will both print and apply the labels to the product. The machine has a printer for this purpose. The label is automatically applied to one or more sides of a product or packaging.


Conveyor labelling systems

Labelling lines consist of a labelling machine and a conveyor belt. They are systems that automatically apply labels to packages. This applies to cylindrical, elliptical and rectangular packaging. The label is applied extremely accurately, even at high speed.

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