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From freezer labels to water-soluble labels

From freezer labels to water-soluble labels. Codipack has it.

Every product is different. Which means that every label has to be different too: from freezer labels to labels that are easy to remove when they come into contact with water. That is why we always start from your concrete question, your specific product and your own production process.

Diepvriesetiket Codipack

Depending on your product and the sector in which you operate, you need a different type of label. A label that you stick on windows and doors that are to be installed must be easy to remove, without leaving any glue residues. Freezer labels, on the other hand, must be able to withstand extreme temperatures. While breweries are looking for high-quality water-soluble labels.

How does your process look like?

Codipack has five own production lines. We can tailor your labels 100% to your specific application. This solution starts from your product and your production process. That is why we come to you to take a look.
That way, we get a perfect view of what you need. When is the label applied? What happens to the label afterwards? Where do you store your products?
On this basis, we can give you specific advice and develop a customised proposal.

Advice on the different materials, for example. And their impact on the ultimate printing quality. Or about the adhesive: how does it react at extremely high or low temperatures? Which type of glue is resistant to which temperature fluctuations?

How can we help you?

This is how we arrive at the labels that perfectly meet your specific requirements. But then of course we first need to talk about these requirements. And perhaps also the hardware? Because we offer the total package. See you soon.

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