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Label management system for label design

Materialise is an international company, founded in Belgium. It is a leader in the 3D printing sector, especially for the medical sector, but also for the automotive and aerospace sectors.

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Until now, Materialise used Microsoft Excel to design and print labels, via macros.

This resulted in a non-scalable, hard-to-manage system for a fast-growing, publicly traded international company like Materialise.

Materialise was therefore looking for a company that could provide them with modern, contemporary labelling software, with the following features:

  • “What you see is what you get” label Designer
  • Worflow management and quality control
  • For the future, FDA compliant
Materialise 3D

Codipack has implemented NiceLabel LMS Enterprise at Materialise.

NiceLabel LMS Enterprise is a label management system for companies that are regulated or work according to a quality management system. NiceLabel LMS contains everything needed to standardize, centralize and control the label process. NiceLabel Label Management System is a scalable platform that also manages the entire labelling process internationally.

NiceLabel LMS Enterprise includes a user-friendly label designer similar to Microsoft Word, an application builder and a number of additional features:

  • Document Management System: NiceLabel Control Center
    The HTML5 web application Control Center is a document management system that stores all label documents in a central SQL database. Users have to check in and out on the label documents, so two people cannot make changes at the same time.
  • Web Printing System: NiceLabel PowerForms Web
    NiceLabel PowerForms Web is a web application that allows all manual printing applications to be used centrally. All label applications are thus available to thousands of users, all workstations and at all company locations in no time.
  • Integrated Printing System: NiceLabel Automation
    With NiceLabel Automation Enterprise you automate the label printing process from existing business systems without the need for programming language and also use universal and dynamic templates that work with thousands of label printer models. This also reduces the number of different labels and makes it easier to manage all your labels.
NiceLabel LMS

The unique advantages for Materialise of an LMS Enterprise:

  • Design and print labels easily
  • Database connections possible
  • Development environment for label solutions
  • Built-in and automatic PDF printing
  • Links to external equipment such as scales
  • Integration with business software based on XML, JSON
  • Unlimited number of installations with printer-based licence
  • Central document management
  • Workflows
  • Version management
  • Error handling (try and catch principle)
  • Non-production environment included
  • Web printing

Codipack Group has a team of NiceLabel experts, specialised in providing and installing Labeling Management Software.

Request more information at info@codipack.com 

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