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De medische sector is onderhevig aan een strenge regelgeving. Kwaliteit staat hierbij voorop.
Codipack laat niks aan het toeval over.

The medical industry is highly regulated. The quality standards are strict. Our customers are both drug manufacturers and hospitals. We supply patient wristbands, booklet labels, peel-off labels and much more. Quality is paramount. Codipack leaves nothing to chance.

polsbandje patiënt ziekenhuis

Patient identification in hospitals

Self-printed wristbands from Codipack offer many advantages. It is possible to establish the identity of patients in an efficient way. You can link applications such as the electronic patient file, the medication a patient receives or a particular diet the patient follows. This is a new step forward in the identification of patients, from the moment they are registered. Errors are eliminated as a result. And to scan the data, Codipack offers a wide range of scanners.

Quick and easy integration

Switching to the system of self-printed wristbands is very easy. In a few weeks time, the complete switch can be made. This can be done by your hospital’s own IT department, but also by experts from Codipack. We offer you a completely integrated total solution that meets the latest European guidelines in the field of positive patient identification.

printer voor ziekenhuis

Largest range of wristbands

At Codipack you will also find the largest assortment of wristbands. We have a large choice in color and shape, but also in different qualities and closures. And that’s not unimportant in a hospital environment. For example, different departments may have a different color or shape of wristbands. Or think of straps with an antibacterial effect, or straps that are suitable for patients who stay in the hospital for a long time. These are also many advantages for the use of Codipack wristbands in hospitals.


At the time of a consultation, each patient receives a set of labels for use throughout the process. Also each medical file has a label. This can all be printed with a label printer from Codipack.

Avoiding errors is essential in a hospital. Therefore hospitals use barcodes. To create these barcodes, Codipack has the right software. And yes, you guessed it: you can scan with our barcode scanners. No hassle, Codipack offers you the total package. Even the entire printer fleet can be managed by Codipack.

In the medical sector Codipack has important customers, including UZ Leuven, Pfizer, Baxter and Purna. In the Benelux and beyond.
Want to know what we can do for you as a pharmaceutical company or hospital?

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