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Maria Middelares AZ, healthcare with a soul! AZ Maria Middelares is an innovative hospital in the green outskirts of Gent. Friendliness, warmth and patient experience they put first.
Codipack Group has been working for years with AZ Maria Middelares, among others for printing patient wristbands.

Datalogic Gryphon GD4132

AZ Maria Middelares needed a specific “Healthcare” scanner solution, which they could use both for bedside scanning, for the nurses and also in the operation blocks for verification of the surgical instruments.
Codipack proposed the Datalogic Gryphon HC for this purpose.
These scanners are widely used in healthcare and guarantee better care for patients and reduce errors to a minimum.

Moreover, these scanners can be regularly cleaned and disinfected with heavy and concentrated chemical solvents. The “Disinfectant-Ready” housing was treated with antimicrobial additives to maintain daily with chemical solvents.

polsbandjes patiënt Codipack

The Datalogic Gryphon HC scanners have an industrial sealing (IP 52 rating) that protects the sensitive electronic components of the scanner from dust and water splashes. The special housing of this model is an additional protection against the cleaning agents used in the medical sector.

The Gryphon HC scanners are equipped with a ” green Spot ” that indicates that the barcode has been read. This silent system is ideal within a quiet environment such as a hospital. The green light allows the user to see that the code has been read and there are fewer mistakes.

Codipack Group is a Datalogic Healthcare Specialist Partner, providing printing and scanning solutions for the healthcare industry.

Ask for more info via info@codipack.com

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