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With its 2,000 beds, more than 8,000 staff members and approximately 65,000 admissions per year, UZ Leuven is the largest university hospital group in Belgium, operating from five different campuses in the Leuven region.

UZ Leuven - Codipack

In order to reinforce their medical safety standards, UZ Leuven turned to the Sato solution, introducing patient wristbands and barcode printers. Another motivation for this choice was the realization that this accurate system forms the basis for absolute certainty during treatment. The system puts the patient to be treated at ease, as reliability significantly eliminates the risk of errors.
The driving force in choosing the right solution was quality towards patient well-being and comfort. Several wristband models were evaluated, but in the end only the Sato wristbands met the strict requirements for softness, flexibility and user friendliness.

polsbandje patiënt ziekenhuis

The entire project was carried out by Codipack Group. A total of 17 thermo transfer printers with accompanying soft wristbands for adults and children were installed. The IT department of UZ Leuven linked the whole system to the existing patient registration system. The printers are located both at the registration desk for patients and in the maternity ward. During the patient’s registration, the personalized wristband is created, containing basic patient information as well as the unique verification number – all in the form of readable text and barcode symbology.

“The introduction of this unique identification system with wristbands forms a building block for the further development of patient safety, quality assessments (tracking) and an increase in efficiency within UZ Leuven,” says Mr. Rudy Poedts, Head of Medical Administration within the UZ Leuven group.

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