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Print and apply shipping labels manually

For printing shipping labels, it is best to use a label printer.
Depending on how much you want to print each day, there are different printers: compact desktop printers, mid range printers and industrial printers for large volumes.

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Why a label printer?

A label printer is specially made to print labels. If you do daily shipments and need to print shipping labels for this purpose, then it is really efficient to purchase a label printer. The standard label printers print labels in black and white. You can print your logo on them, codes, the recipient’s details and if necessary even barcodes or QR codes.

Epson CW-C4000 printing a label

A shipping label that stands out

Do you want a shipping label that stands out? Choose a color label printer. Your logo and the design of the label can be printed in color. That way, your brand will stand out more. A color label printer is a little more expensive, but you will get that money out of it when your brand becomes better known. It is a choice you could think about.

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Which label printer do you need?

There are hundreds of types of label printers and dozens of brands. If you make your own choice, you may end up not buying the right one because your labels might be too wide and simply won’t fit in the printer. We refer you to our blog ‘How to choose the right label printer?’

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Printing large labels

If you want to print larger labels, you really need a label printer that can handle the width of the labels. These are used on pallets, for example. Read our blog ‘How do I print A5 labels in the best way?

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The switch from manual to automatic application

As long as you can do it manually, that’s obviously a good thing. However, if the volumes become too large, then it is best to consider automatic printing and labeling.

Label dispenser

Accessories for printers

There are also special devices to, for example, to peel off labels, wind your label roll or count your labels.

Need advice?

At Codipack Group you can ask for advice without any obligation.
Contact your label printer specialist.

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