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How to choose the right label printer/sticker machine?

There are several brands of label printers (also called sticker machines). They range from Sato to Honeywell, and from Datalogic and Zebra to Epson. Then there’s the difference between desktop printers and industrial printers. Or the mobile ones, which you can easily take with you. Or you’ve just started a business and want to buy your own colour label printer.

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So, you have the choice between hundreds of models within those brands. If you know nothing (or not too much) about them, it is therefore a hopeless task to find the most suitable printer. And the chance of making a bad purchase is also real, because what if you want to print labels that are 150 mm wide, but you buy a printer online that can only handle 100 mm?

One tip we can give you to help you choose the right label printer: ask advice from real specialists first. Without obligation, of course. We ask the right questions and eliminate the printers that do not suit you. And we take your budget and wishes into account. This way, we come to only 1 or sometimes 2 recommendations that you can choose between.

Would you like to know more? Don’t hesitate to call us on +32(0)14 25 40 40 (Belgium) or +31 40 241 00 30 (Netherlands) or email us at info@codipack.com.

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