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Quickly peel labels from a roll

How do I distribute labels quickly and easily?
With a label dispenser.

Do you often work with labels in the warehouse or in your production? The Codipack dispensers make this work much faster, more efficient and easier. The difference? You can work up to 5 times faster, without fuss and bother. There is always a label dispenser that fits perfectly to what you need!

  • The label is automatically removed from the backing paper
  • The next label is immediately ready for use
  • The backing paper is automatically and neatly rolled up

Discover here some models of label dispensers in the Codipack range.

Indispensable in every logistics department

In less than 30 seconds, the label dispenser is ready for use. The gain in time and efficiency makes the dispenser indispensable in every logistics department of e.g. e-commerce companies, sheltered workshops, pharmaceutical and food companies.

Give your production a speed boost

With the affordable label dispenser you will work faster from day one. That pays off! Moreover, you will have less chance of mistakes.
A handy option is a ‘counter’. This stops the dispenser automatically after the set number of labels. This way there is no need for re-counting (e.g. in pharmacies).

  • The advantages of a Codipack label dispenser at a glance
  • Quick and easy distribution of labels
  • Easy start-up: ready to use in 30 seconds
  • The dispenser takes up little space
  • Through Codipack you have no less than 3 years warranty on these dispensers
  • Also available in stainless steel (ideal for food and pharmaceutical industries)
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