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Labelling of beer crates

Codipack is strongly represented in the beverage sector for labelling crate pallets where the choice of the right label is an important item. Much depends on the production process at the customer.

Do we label directly on the crates? Is there a washing line present to clean the crates? Are the pallets first sealed with packaging film and is the label applied afterwards?
For all these applications Codipack has the right label materials in its range. Think of the water-soluble labels that completely dissolve (disappear) when the crates go through a car wash. These water-soluble labels are biodegradable and not harmful to the environment. You can also use the water-washable labels, whereby only the glue dissolves when it comes into contact with water.

In addition, we have an extensive range of removable labels that have the necessary adhesive power to remain adhesive, so that no adhesive residue remains on the crates when the labels are removed. If we label a packaging film, there are possibilities with our permanent or removable qualities.

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