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Evolabel AB was founded in 2007 (then under the name Autolabel) by 4 people who had the conviction that Print and Apply can be made simple and user friendly. The approach has always been to provide “Simplicity through Technology”.

Evolabel’s mission is to “deliver the most attractive Print and Apply solutions that exceed customers’ high expectations”. They develop, manufacture and deliver innovative and intuitive print and apply machines for automatic labeling in manufacturing or warehousing.

Evolabel understands the importance of end customers’ production chains and strives to give them the best possible experience. Evolabel works with skilled, value-added partners with knowledge of their local markets around the world. Evolabel’s partners, such as Codipack Group, often also supply and maintain complementary industrial coding equipment and software from other manufacturers.

Evolabel consists of 3 major components:


Whether it’s angled, twisted, bent or dusty. Evolabel has the solution, here you can see 1 of the applications:


Different height of boxes? No problem for the Quicktamp G2, the arm that reads in real time what the height is and adapts

Pallet labeling

Singel side labeling or multi side labeling. These are the two different choices you can make when labeling a pallet. The single side can only label one side. The multi side rotates around its axis to label 2 sides.

Evolabel does not have its own sales offices, not even in Sweden. Instead, they work with skilled partners who add value and have detailed knowledge of their local markets around the world. Evolabel’s strategy is to find skilled partners who have selling as their passion. They deliver a level of quality and innovation that has been developed with great care and do not want just anyone to offer their products to end customers.


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