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ALTECH is an Italian company that manufactures and distributes industrial labeling machines and material identification systems in more than 50 countries around the world.

ALTECH stands for “Advanced Labeling Technologies. They design and manufacture labeling systems and machines that can print, apply, code and verify self-adhesive labels on packaged consumer products.

In September 1991, the first ALTECH industrial labeling machine went into production. This was also the beginning of the cooperation with Codipack Group. The current product line consists of industrial labeling machines and print-apply systems capable of finding the best solutions for each customer’s requirements.

Pre-sales advice, custom design, technical support, spare parts and consumables. ALTECH employees have undergone training to provide the best solutions for your business. Label systems are installed, maintained and updated as needed.

ALTECH is present in as many as 14 industries and has 3 subsidiaries. They are active in food, beverage, automotive, plastics, tobacco, logistics, … They are also looking to expand in these. The subsidiaries are in the UK, USA and Argentina.

This is one of the applications in which ALTECH deploys their labelling systems for the labelling of Alpro Yoghurt pots. This is done at an incredible speed. The machine is maintained twice a year. This allows it to continue to function well and last for years.

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