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Plant passport.
For all cuttings, seeds, young plants and trees

Plant passport: from theory to practice

All cuttings, seeds, young plants and trees must have a plant passport.

Plantenpaspoort label gemaakt door Codipack Group aangebracht op product.

How will you apply that new plant passport to your plants?

That does not have to be difficult at all. We can reassure you straight away: there is always a suitable solution for applying the new plant passport. No matter what your processes look like or what your way of working is.

The solution consists of two parts: hardware and software

  1. Getting the information onto your plants (pot/foil/tray). The application, in other words. The hardware of the installation.
  2. Determining what that information should be. Defining the content. The software side of the story.

Hardware: applying the new plant passport

There are various technologies for this.

  1. Printing pointed cardboard cards and inserting them into the plant pot.
  2. Printing a label that you apply manually to the pot. This can be done with an industrial printer.
  3. Printing a label that you apply to the pot automatically. This with a labelling machine.
  4. Printing the code on the foil with an inline printer.
  5. Printing the code directly on the jar or tray. With a small character inkjet, for example.

You decide to what extent you want to automate this process. Your employees can stick the labels manually. Or you can opt for a fully automated coding line, to speed up the process.

Plantenpotten worden gecodeerd, door een inkjet van Codipack, met een plantenpaspoort

Software: The contents of the new plant passport

You now have an idea of how the code will be inserted. But how can you set up what will be included? The country on the new plant passport is of course always the same. But the botanical name differs from plant to plant.
We can help you with this too. Besides the right hardware, we also provide easy-to-use software. Via your laptop or a touch screen, you indicate which plants you want to encode. And the content. This way, you prepare the right content for the hardware.
Does it concern another plant? Then you stop the process, select a new plant species and start again.

Total solution tailored to your needs

We at Codipack take care of the total solution. The right hardware and software. Tailored to your way of working and your budget. Contact us today. Then we come along to take a look at your processes. And on that basis we propose the best solution for the new plant passport.
Still not on board with the theory? You can find the official publication on the website of the European Union. Or read the abridged version in human language.

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