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Labelling shipping boxes, how do I get started?

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You have a web shop and the shipping of your products must be done extremely precisely and quickly. Efficiency is important. In the beginning – when the number of shipments is not yet so high – you can do this manually with label printers and the accompanying labels. In time, you will need the right systems to optimise your logistics flow, and certainly also to automate it.
This is possible with ‘print & apply’ systems.

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What are print & apply systems?

With print & apply, labels are printed and applied directly to a product or a shipping or packaging box. The labels used are blank, but can also be partially pre-printed labels. On the label, the system prints the variable information – such as the name and address of the recipient and a barcode and LPN code. The latter is a unique code that contains all the information of the package and is also used for track & trace.

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Is software needed for print & apply?

Of course it is important that the right data ends up on the right label and then also on the right shipping package. The product that someone orders must of course also be delivered to the right person. The right label software is therefore a must.

Which systems are on the market for print & apply?

There are several print & apply systems of different brands on the market.
The most used is that of Evolabel, a reliable and Swedish brand. A top system to regulate your logistics.
Top labelling – labelling at the top of the shipping box – is the most common. Of course, these systems can also label the side and even the bottom of boxes.

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