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LPN labels with a unique code

LPN label Codipack

Indispensable for warehouse and industry

LPN – or License Plate Numbers – is the label solution for the shipment and track & trace of products. These labels are also called serialised or sequential labels.

The product packaging is labelled with an LPN label. Information such as lot numbers, hazards, colour codes, etc. is linked to the LPN. When the LPN label is scanned, it is immediately known what should happen to it, whether it is a risk package and where it is to be sent.


  • Supplied on rolls or sheets
  • High resolution printing
  • Permanent glue possible
  • Available in different colours for identification of different customers and goods
  • Easy and quick to scan thanks to the strong design of the label

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gedeeltelijk uitgerolde LPN labels op rol
Close-up van één van de LPN etiketten op een rol
Een rol LPN labels
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