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Inks and labels for Epson colour printer

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The printing of colour labels is suitable for manufacturers with a wide range of products. They also offer added value in pharmacies and the health care sector because important patient data are highlighted. In retail, too, you can use them to produce shelf labels, price tags, advertising labels and product labels. And badges for events are printed in no time in a high-quality manner.
With Epson’s colour printers you have full control over the label production, so you can print the custom colour labels when you want and exactly how many you want.
Codipack will always recommend a printer that can print labels on both a matte and glossy background. So you are sure that you will be able to use your machine for a long time, even if your needs change.

You have an Epson colour printer or are thinking of buying one. And now of course you need labels and ink to print your labels.

Codipack’s advice is clear and simple: buy original Epson inks and labels. Epson labels are available in paper and plastic versions. And there is a special coating on them. This means that the whole simply fits together and other brand inks will not be able to adhere to the Epson labels. The reverse also applies: Epson ink will not print perfectly on another brand’s labels.

When you choose your Epson printer, you choose quality. So choose quality ink and matt or glossy labels. This way you will obtain an optimal result.
A good thing about the Epson ink cartridges is that they are available separately.

The prints are also durable. Thanks to the pigment inks, the prints last longer, do not smudge or fade and they are resistant to liquids.
The ink cartridges are also easy to replace.
Epson inks ensure accurate, non-spotting prints that are resistant to water and other liquids.

Advantages Epson colour printer

  • Great for printing cards, ID badges, shelf labels and signs
  • Excellent matte coating for photo-realistic prints
  • Fast-drying, scratch-proof and water-resistant results

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