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How l’Oréal increases its efficiency

The L’Oréal Canada plant, located in Montreal, is specialized in the manufacture of professional hair-colour products, producing 176 million units under the strictest of safety and quality standards. When implementing a new box-labeling standard, L’Oréal Canada focused heavily on safety and reliability. After a rigid evaluation of possible print and apply solutions in the market, L’Oréal Canada selected the Evolabel T63 Blow-Vac print and apply system. It’s proven reliability and innovative applicator that applies large labels with high precision from a long distance without any mechanical moving parts, exceeded L’Oréal Canada’s tough requirements.

20+ Evolabel T63 Blow-Vac print and apply systems are installed throughout L’Oréal Canada’s plant. The unique and patented applicator pad, allow labels as large as 150×100 mm (6″x4″) to be blown onto the box without any moving parts. The apply distance is as large as up to 200 mm (8″) with a label position that maintain high accuracy on every single box.

For Hugo Lavoie and Jean Soulières, Technical Supervisors of UP1 and UP2 respectively, who oversaw the implementation of the new labeling solution, the choice of the Evolabel T63 Blow-Vac, was an easy one. “It is clear that there is a lot of experience and thinking behind the Evolabel product which makes it very easy to use and service”, explains Hugo. “For example, it takes only 20 seconds to change the label roll. The print head and print roll are quickly replaced without tools. Another very important reason for our choice is the fact that it applies the labels without any moving parts. This makes it live up to our high safety requirements, without any expensive and cumbersome safety covers.”

The Evolabel P&A systems are all connected to and controlled from L’Oréal Canada’s own production control software. “By integrating the Evolabel T63 to our production control software and having a scanner read the barcode on each applied label, we ensure that each box is always labelled with the correct information”, adds Jean.

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