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Laser on wooden boxes

Agio klant Codipack

Even if you smoke cigars, it is unlikely that they will catch your eye. These are the four numbers on the side of a cigar box. “These are the codes of the day,” says Dirk van der Velpen, director of the technical department of the manufacturer Agio. “We apply this code of the day with a laser.”

“We had punch boxes. These are literally rubber stamps that were pushed against the boxes by a machine. But the stamps had to be changed every day and constantly adjusted. And even then the end result was often not very good. With the Codipack laser this is history. Or better: lasers. Because that day we bought a total of fifteen lasers”.

Agio klant Codipack

Highly accurate, low maintenance

“Such a laser can treat different kinds of substrates. Because the material of our cigar boxes varies: cardboard, tin, plastic… The laser is very precise. And we are certain of the end result every time. Moreover, there is no maintenance. Nothing needs to be added or replaced. This saves our technicians one hour per shift. That’s up to ten hours a week. Hours that they can now spend much more usefully”.


“We no longer have to change the code of the day manually. It is completely automatic. If something needs to be changed, we use the touch screen. It is mobile, by the way. So we only need one screen for all our laser lines. Just move it, connect it, adjust it, and you’re done”.

Apply the code of the day? Or a barcode? Or a logo? And this on various surfaces? Come and see us and we will guide you to the best choice for your production line. Please contact us.

klant Codipack
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