NiceLabel Allergenen

  • Software to comply with European standards

  • Allergens mandatory on label

  • Allergen and ingredient printing management

The entry into force of the European Parliament’s new legislation on the provision of food information is now some time over. Since 13 December 2014, manufacturers in the food industry have been obliged to update the consumer information on their food labels.

The new law stipulates that the allergens contained in certain food products must be given a more prominent place on the food label. In concrete terms, this means that producers must explicitly mention the substances that can cause allergic reactions on the label.

Codipack Group offers software support with an application in NiceLabel that includes the management and printing of allergens and ingredients. The application, with which you manage data through a user-friendly interface, is built in NiceLabel. You import data from other applications through a web interface, make database connections, import or export XML files, do file drops,…
In short, Codipack helps you to meet the European standards with your labels and food labels.

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