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Evolabel Belt applicator
Technical specifications

Evolabel Belt applicator applies labels with high speed and precision from above, from below or from the side. A vacuum belt transports the label from the printer to the product.

The vacuum belt runs at the same speed as the conveyor and is thus not limited to the print speed of the printer. This gives very accurate label positioning also on extremely light products. Provided the packages has a well defined edge to trig on, the label accuracy is in the area of +/- 0.5 mm.

Evolabel Belt applicator

Several independent vacuum ejectors are integrated in the applicator. This allow the same applicator to handle various label sizes, all from 30×30 mm to 118×150 mm.

The Evolabel belt applicator in combination with the D43 printer is with its compact size and accurate labeling, perfect for product labeling from below. Depending on label size, the capacity is in combination with the D43 high-speed app, as high as up to 120 packages per minute.

Evolabel supply complete marking stations for secure integration in the production.To give the operator an easy and ergonomic solution for changing label roll, the D43 belt can be mounted on a pneumatic floor stand and holder with swing out function.

The mechanical, electrical and pneumatic interface between the Evolabel applicators and printers are all the same plug-and-play standard.

Part number: A100261
Suitable printer models: D43, T43, (T63 with belt ext)
Minimum label size: 30×30 mm
Maximum label size (WxL): 118×150 mm
Maximum apply distance: 5 mm
Max belt speed: 95 m/min
Air supply: 6 bar, clean and dry
Communication: CANopen
Accessories: Belt extension – for labels longer than 150 mm the Belt extension is required

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