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UFI code: mandatory from January 2020

All about the UFI Code

Toxic and dangerous products. You must provide them with a special code, the UFI code. Mandatory within Europe. When using these types of products, accidents can happen at any time. Using the UFI code, emergency services can act adequately. They then receive information immediately about the necessary treatment. Every minute counts.


Close-up van de UFI-code op een flesje

What does the UFI code consist of?

UFI stands for Unique Formula Identifier. It is a 16-character alphanumeric code. The code consists of 4 blocks and each block is separated by a hyphen.
The UFI code is composed of your VAT number and a formulation number specific to your mixture. The UFI generator will help you.

From when will the UFI code be compulsory?

  • From January 2020: on products for consumers
  • From January 2021: on products for professionals
  • From January 2024: on products for industrialists
  • From January 2025: on mixtures already on the market

Which device can print a UFI code?

Well, every production process is different. That is why we like to listen to you first.

Then together we can decide which inkjet or label machine is suitable.

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