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The Zebra ZT610 and ZT620 are now only available with touch screen

touch screen Zebra ZT610

ZT600 Product Line Only Available with Touch Display

Due to the on-going supply chain interruptions, Zebra is discontinuing the non-touch display option for the ZT610 and ZT620 printers. Effective immediately, all orders for the ZT610 or ZT620 with non-touch display, including backorders, will ship with the touch display model. To minimize disruption and to avoid order changes, Zebra will not require cancellations of existing orders for non-touch display printers. Instead, Zebra will supply a touch screen model for current orders without a touch screen.

What does this mean?

Customers that ordered a printer with non-touch display will receive a printer with touch display for the same price.

Zebra ZT610 en ZT620

Characteristics of the touch screen

The touch display on Zebra’s ZT610 and ZT620 printers are designed and tested for toughness and reliability, including robust tolerance to temperature, humidity, dust and environmental challenges. The resistive display is designed for manufacturing environments and can be used by an operator wearing gloves. The touch display also offers a number of advantages, including clear navigation, printer setup wizards and screen colors that change based on printer status to easily spot printer issues.

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