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The power of XLR technology

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With the explosive growth of e-commerce, fulfilment services and logistics, more and more manufacturers are expanding. It’s becoming increasingly difficult for manufacturing workers to meet shift quotas if they don’t have tools at their disposal. In these times, a handheld computer is a must in the industry.

Scanning range

Not every product is always at the same distance from the worker. While working, it must be possible to alternate easily between short, medium and long distances. Forklift truck operators in particular benefit from a mobile computer with a flexible range. That way, they don’t have to leave their machine every time they want to scan something. Unfortunately, the search for a suitable scanner that scans just as quickly and reliably regardless of distance is not always so easy. This is because the number of available options drops significantly as the desired range increases.

XLR Technology

That is why Datalogic introduces the “Extra Long Range” handheld scanners. These XLR scanners are so powerful that they can scan effortlessly through dirty plastic windscreens and plastic shrink wrap and that to a distance of 1, 5, 10 and even 20 metres.

Skorpio X5 XLR handheld scanner

Skorpio X5 XLR

One of Datalogics XLR scanners is the Skorpio X5 XLR. Not only does this mobile computer bridge long distances, it also projects a bright red field when scanning. Thanks to the aiming mechanism, even in daylight it is clear which code is being scanned. Employees can now trust their scanning 100%. The days when it was feared that a random code might slip through are over with the Skorpio X5 XLR.

Contactless charging

The varying distances are not the only problem facing the industry. When it comes to industrial PDAs, the charging stations can be real trouble spots. The contact points are very sensitive. They break down quickly or become so dirty that the mobile computer will not or hardly charge anymore. Datalogic therefore offers their Skorpio X5 scanner with a contactless charging function.

Discover all advantages of the Skorpio X5 in the video.

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