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The best scanning solutions for your DC

DCs (distribution centres) are of extreme importance to retailers, manufacturers and end users alike. As the demand for essential products grows in these times, DCs and warehouses respond on multiple fronts.
It is therefore appropriate to intelligently address the challenges within the sector. For example, with the innovative FlexRange™ Imager solution. This makes it possible to work faster and smarter throughout the supply chain and specifically within the DC.

Honeywell CK65

The FlexRange scanning engine has two full optical ‘lanes’ that, unlike competing products, have no moving parts, making it possible to simultaneously capture images from near and far without any delay. The two optical ‘lanes’ cover the very short range to long range typical of pallet racking in warehouses, often giving users the flexibility to use a single device for all usage situations.

Within seconds, you can scan codes as short as 10 cm and as long as 10 metres. Error-free, time after time.

FlexRange is now available in various barcode scanners from the Honeywell brand.

We would like to introduce a showpiece to you: the CK65. This mobile computer has a fast processor and improved 1D/2D scanning. The battery lasts no less than 18 hours. The CK65 even has cold storage models for freezing environments and non incendive (NI)/ATEX models for hazardous gas environments (explosion free).

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