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The benefits of laser coding and marking with examples

Laser systems are used more and more for coding and marking products and materials. There are numerous advantages to using a laser system. We would like to list some of them here.

On all materials

The latest laser systems are so advanced that they can code permanently on all kinds of substrates. There is a laser type for every surface: glass, wood, tin, plastic, cardboard, etc.

Everything is possible

Text, numbers, QR codes, tht dates, logos or data matrix codes. We can be brief about this: all these codes and markings can be lasered.

Permanent coding

As we already mentioned, the code is permanent. So there is no risk of the text or barcode or other markings fading in the sun or over time.

Against high speed

Coding can also be done at an extremely high speed. This is why this application is often used for marking in the FMCG sector.


Laser systems are made to run continuously. Maintenance is also minimal because no ink is used.

Ecologically responsible

With inkjet and label applications, you need a lot of consumables: from labels to ink and cleaning products, as well as regular maintenance of your machines. With laser systems, there are no consumables and hardly any maintenance is required.

Is laser more expensive than inkjet?

In general, a laser system is slightly more expensive to buy than an inkjet printer. However, there is a big BUT associated with this. Because you do not need consumables such as ink (and labels), it is still good to make the calculation on a medium to long-term basis. Because depending on the volume, a laser system can quickly turn out cheaper.

Do you need help?

If you want more information or advice, please contact us. Codipack is official distributor of the laser systems of Macsa. We also have print & apply systems and inkjet printers. With our 30 years of experience, we are happy to give you advice.

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