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Everything about ECO labels

Nowaste label

The earth is suffering due to human activities and ecological challenges can be found everywhere. As part of the large printing industry, we would like to play a role in helping to save the earth.

Codipack Group has started offering ecological labels. This is a green solution to regular labels. You can request this when ordering your labels. You have to ask for this explicitly. You can choose between 8 different materials. 4 Nowaste and 4 Crysal alternative. Below you can already see an example of the Nowaste RE-ECO label. It is made entirely of waste paper. It is suitable for a broad product category. Food, cosmetics, but it should not come into direct contact with food. This label is specifically resistant to discoloration and humid environments.

3 advantages of ecological labels:

  1. Made from natural and environmentally friendly materials
  2. Easy to recycle and compost, with minimal negative impact on nature
  3. Sustainable materials

Another type of label we offer is Crystal Alternative. Here we also have 4 differences in it. The Invisible ECO, BIO crystal, fly away PET and BIO flexy. You can see an example of the Invisible ECO below.

Our labels contribute to a better future. It is important that we ensure that nature continues to exist and that we take care of it. We cannot live without green. You have to be busy with the future now, therefore think green!

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