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Changing ingredients on food packaging

We have all read the news: the war in Ukraine is causing a global shortage of certain raw materials, including sunflower oil and grain. As a result, food producers are turning to alternatives. But what about your labels?

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Due to the shortage of raw materials, you as a food producer have to use alternative ingredients. The changes in ingredients are sometimes not mentioned on the label of your product. As a result, the ingredients do not always match what is written on the packaging.

A softening of the rules of sunflower oil

Legally speaking, this is actually not right, as the ingredients must be clearly and correctly stated on the label. However, many producers have ordered these labels in advance, which means that they contain errors, so to speak. Consumer Protection now has a plan ready. In the case of sunflower oil, for once the packaging does not have to correspond strictly to the contents. This easing of the rules only applies to sunflower oil.

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Codipack Group has the solution: make your own food labels with label software

With the right label software, you can easily customise the ingredients.
This software makes it easier to design, manage and store product labels centrally and to print them from anywhere in the world. Codipack Group offers 2 brands: Loftware-NiceLabel en BarTender.

Expertise in labelling solutions

At Codipack, we call ourselves experts in labelling solutions. We not only offer the software, but you can also print and apply the ingredients to your products in real time with our automatic labelling systems. You can also do this manually with a label printer.

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