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Rental and vendor leasing

Verhuur en leasing systemen Codipack

Temporary rental

You want to code, print or label temporarily. And you want to meet this need quickly, without high investments or unnecessary purchase costs. Then Codipack offers you a nice solution with temporary rent of machines. With a rental agreement you are in control and you will not face unforeseen financial surprises.
Codipack has a large number of systems in stock which we can deploy for you.

Are you interested or do you want to know more about the rental possibilities? Contact us at info@codipack.com

verhuur en vendor leasing machines Codipack

Vendor leasing

At Codipack Group, you can also opt for a vendor lease formula for coding and labelling systems, barcode terminals and software.
It is even possible to choose for an all-in formula, so that besides hardware and software also services can be financed.
You can also opt for a takeover at the end of the lease contract. The small residual value is fixed in advance in the agreed contract.

Advantages of Vendor Leasing

  • You have one discussion partner for both delivery and financing
  • Financing and services are bundled in one contract with Codipack
  • Leasing takes maximum account of the future second-hand value at the end of the lease contract
  • The investment does not appear on the company balance sheet and there is a possibility to pay the VAT in instalments
  • Codipack offers you a total solution, we relieve you of all worries

Are you interested or would you like to know more about vendor leasing? Contact us at info@codipack.com

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