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Software and pallet labelling in dairy

“I think it’s a great advantage if they don’t just execute, but really think along with us. And that is exactly what Codipack does.” Speaking is control expert Roger Kievits. He led the large-scale automation project Summit in the right direction at Friesland Campina. We took the software and hardware side of the pallet labelling systems for our account.

Friesland Campina Codipack

The Summit project aims to increase the efficiency of eleven factories in different countries. “The end scenario is that you can plan and control everything from head office via SAP. And by everything, I mean all the production sites worldwide,” explains Roger. “The pallet labelling systems are just one part of this. But an important one. Because nothing leaves here without a label. If that part stops working, you lose capacity.”

“From the big project, a template follows for each part. What do we want to achieve for each part? Our pallet labelling systems had to work more uniformly. There was no structure. You put that template over your plant. And then you look at what exactly that means for each location. What impact does it have? Because the basic idea may be the same, but it translates differently for each location.

Friesland Campina Codipack


“Then it’s nice to have them on the other side of the table thinking along with you. Because that creates interaction and feedback from both sides. That creates involvement. With Codipack you have someone opposite you who doesn’t just execute, but also says: If we would try it like this. That you get that dynamic. And not just: Here is our machine, have fun with it!

“So there is a hardware side to this collaboration for pallet labelling systems. But there is also a software side. That’s the basis of everything. So it was important that Codipack supported us in the data area as well. The two print and apply machines collect their own information. Which order is that? Which product? What quantity is it about? Who is the customer? This is then printed on the labels. One is stuck to the front, the other to the side.”

Wondering which pallet labelling system is the most efficient for your production process? Come and talk to us.

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