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Scanning & software for ‘proof of delivery’

Mobile Computing and Soti MDM

Cebeo from Waregem was founded in 1922 in Kortrijk and specialises in the distribution of electro-technical material, technical services and solutions for the residential, tertiary and industrial sector.
CEBEO needed a mobile computer/scanning solution for a Fleet Management and POD application in their ‘Transport and Logistics’ department.

Zebra TC52 - TC57

The drivers, who are constantly on the road, needed a light but at the same time robust mobile computer with a built-in scanner, to do Proof of Delivery.
The ideal solution is the Zebra TC57.
This is indeed a light (249 gr) but sturdy device (IP67 and drop specs of 1.8 meters with optional rubber boot), which can communicate via wifi as well as 4G, and is equipped with a performant built-in 2D scanner.
In addition to supplying the Zebra TC57, and for an efficient roll-out of their TC56 and easy management of the mobile solution afterwards, Codipack installed a SOTI MobiControl Mobile Device Management at Cebeo.

SOTI MobiControl is a solution for Mobile Device Management, including the following management functions:

  • Provisioning: the users are operational faster
  • Enrollment: no more manual configuration
  • Remote management: no more need to send devices back to a central point
  • Security & Compliance: automatic security and software updates
  • Application Management: rapid rollout of new applications
  • Content Management: secure access to corporate data, determined in function of the allowed profiles
  • Device Retirement: deactivation of devices that should no longer be used

Codipack Group is a Zebra and Soti partner and is specialised in providing mobile solutions for the logistics and transport sector.
Ask more info via info@codipack.com

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