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Labelling vegetables

Tolpoort is an innovative distribution and packaging centre for agricultural products. They package, among other things, chicory, broccoli and cauliflower. Strict food safety requirements apply.

Some time ago, Tolpoort was looking for solutions for labelling broccoli:

  • All labels were placed on the broccoli manually by workers in crates. This cost a lot of time and money.
  • Moreover, all labels were pre-printed and there were always some lost labels.

Specifically, Tolpoort wanted to automate these processes.

Codipack Group built for Tolpoort a robust line on which 3 Evolabel machines with a Blowbox were mounted. A box filled with broccoli is pushed over the line and under the labels. They apply a label to each product.

Because broccoli is a fragile product, we have chosen to stick the label on the product. Of all the systems on the market, Evolabel is undoubtedly the most accurate in this “blow” technique. Moreover, each label is applied directly after printing. Therefore, no stamps and no labels are lost.

For now, the control is still autonomous, but soon Codipack will also implement the software and control via the network.

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