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Labelling jam jars

The Kortrijk-based company Belberry makes jams and other delicacies for real gourmets. “The production is still done by hand. We go for top quality”, says manager Thierry Vandererfven. That also applies to their labelling machine.

It started as a side project. Somewhere in the back of Thierry’s father’s grocery shop, a large jam pan was simmering. So many years later the story grew into the Belberry brand. And they moved into new premises in Marke, West Flanders.
“Meanwhile we supply to delicatessens in more than thirty countries. Our range is very extensive. Besides preserves, we also make marmalade, jam, chocolate and fruit fondue, vinegar, ketchup…”

Confituurpotjes etiketteren

There is a label for every pot

That means jars and containers made of different materials. And all sorts of sizes and many different labels. In order to apply these quickly and efficiently, Thierry came to us. “Everything starts, of course, from the product you want to label. So we sat down together around the table. What volume do you want to run? What type of packaging is involved? Which material, which shape? Then together we went to visit a company that had a similar labelling machine.”

Multifunctional labelling machine

“The result is a labelling machine that can do everything. That was important for us as a small company: that one installation can really do everything. Just a label on the front. Round and round. Or with a seal that runs over the lid to the jar…”


Also looking for a labelling machine? Come and talk to us, and together we will find the best solution to suit your product(s) and budget. Contact us now.

Confituurpotjes labelen
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