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Labelling cardboard boxes in the food sector

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The American meat company Tyson Foods slaughters cattle, pigs and poultry. Recently, the company has also become active in meat substitutes and cultured meat.

Tyson Foods in the Netherlands is a producer of chicken products. They are mainly frozen, packed in a plastic bag and then in a carton. Until recently, the labels on the boxes were applied manually. The labels were first pre-printed with batch number and THT’s, with the result that many labels were thrown away.

Tyson’s customers had different wishes regarding the position of the label on the box:
front, front and side (both left and right).
They were actually looking for a versatile machine that could handle all these positions.
And Evolabel can do it.

Due to the size of the labels, the Evolabel print & apply machine is placed horizontally. With an eWipe, it is possible to label the front and front-side when the Evolabel is on the left side of the track. When the Evolabel is moved to the other side of the track on the mobile stand, the right side of the box can be labelled.

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