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NiceLabel-Loftware software for pallet labeling

  • EasySSCC

  • Automatic installation of NiceLabel-Loftware

  • Fast and error-free printer communication

NEW: NiceLabel is now Loftware.

EasySSCC is an application built on a standard Access database for:

  • Data management and printing of pallet labels
  • Selecting the right data with label preview and print function in a convenient user interface

The application consists of the following components:

  • Own, stand-alone database
    • Customer data
    • Articles, products
    • Own data
  • Module to automatically generate an SSCC label that complies with the GS1 standard, based on the data from the database
  • Printing module, based on NiceLabel-Loftware, integrated with the data management module

Important aspects in EasySSCC

  • Maintaining the information of all printed labels in a database
  • Simple track & trace solution
  • Lot- and purchase number registration
  • Logging of the printed data
  • Installation of database on server (or other PC in network)
  • Defining multiple own companies

Advantages EasySSCC

  • Easy installation from CD (does not require installation support)
  • Automatic installation of NiceLabel-Loftware software
  • Clear user interface
  • Fast and flexible coding of SSCC labels
  • No unnecessary investment in digging up GS1 standards
  • Tailored to the market, meets the requirements of distributors (such as Carrefour, Colruyt and many others)
  • Standard stand-alone database, in consultation to be integrated with already existing systems.

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