Macsa SPA F Pulsed

  • High-speed marking

    For uninterrupted coding on plastics and metal surfaces, such as beverage cans.

  • Environmentally friendly

    You do not need inks. Maintenance is therefore also limited.

  • Wide range of accessories

    With the right options, you can tailor this laser to your needs.

Macsa ID’s SPA F pulsed fibre laser is a specialized for coding and marking a wide variety of plastics and metals. The Macsa ID SPA F range codes and marks product information without damaging the substrate, at very high speeds while maintaining excellent definition. It offers a life span of more than 100,000 hours and is well suited for coding onto plastic or metal coated materials, such as aluminium beverage cans, making it a high quality and cost effective alternative.

High speed

The pulsed fiber laser, SPA F Pulsed, codes and marks information at high speed while maintaining excellent definition, without interruption even in harsh environments.

Excellent marking quality

Laser coder designed for metal, plàstic and other materials that require high quality marking.

Environmentally friendly

Laser technology is environmentally friendly as it reduces the cost of consumables, avoids the generation of harmful emissions and energy consumption is minimal.



SPA lasers can work individually, but they can also work as a team with the following range of softwares: OPTIMA for complete real-time control of your company’s production; NICELABEL to design, create and print labels; iLABEL SYSTEMS to print and apply wherever you want; REMOTE CONTROL for a Macsa technician to reset the machine remotely.


SPA lasers come with higher quality lenses and ensure high-resolution marking even on high-speed production lines.

Ease of use and adaptability

Marca® software is easy to use and offers the operator all the possibilities of message design and control of the equipment.
Wide range of essential accessories and extras, which optimise laser performance.

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