Macsa iCON 3

  • the latest new small character laser

    Successor of the iCON 2

  • More powerful software

  • User-friendly user interface

laser kleinkarakter Codipack

iCON 3, compact laser for small characters.

100% sustainable small character coding by Macsa id. It is Clean. Smart and Affordable.

iCON 3 uses clean technology without waste or fuels, does not contain inks or solvents and does not emit emissions volatile, with iCON 3 there is no risk of ink or solvent spillage. Low power consumption as iCON 3 only consumes electricity when it is assets.
Is extremely reliable with high-quality performance and at a very competitive price. This is your chance to change.
If you want more information about this laser coding, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


The iCON 3 is unique. Price is no longer an excuse for not choosing laser technology. The iCON 3 is a high quality laser at a very competitive price. After just over one year the laser will have cost less than an inkjet system.


Because of its size and compact design, the iCON 3 can be adapted to any installation. It is suitable for dynamic and static applications. The new iCON 3 display enables easy control even when the laser is difficult to access directly.


There are no surprises. The iCON 3 laser marking is permanent throughout the life of the product and does not smudge like inkjet. Capable of consistently producing unique and highly defined marks such as QR codes, the iCON 3 can help to enhance customer engagement.


The iCON 3 uses neither ink nor solvents and this reduces running costs significantly as there is no need to budget for consumables. In addition to a cleaner and more hygienic working environment, the lack of solvent related carbon emissions and harmful waste also mean that production lines will be environmentally compliant.

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