Diagraph ResMark 5000

  • Perfect print images

  • Sustainable structure

  • Maximum availability

  • Digitalised labelling

Diagraph ResMark 5000

Diagraph is back with a brand new device. The ResMark impulse beam system is consistent in printing sharp images combined with high resolution on porous surfaces in the most challenging industrial environments. The quick disconnect printhead is patented and makes changing printheads easy. This also reduces downtime. This robust system is available with the Mark 2 (2-inch) or Mark 4 (4-inch) printheads.

The new ResMark 5000 is the latest standard for marking and coding. Using Diagraph’s extensive industry knowledge, they were able to develop an intelligent system that focuses on simplicity, reliability, flexibility and efficiency over the life of the case coding system.

So what does this mean? Creating messages using the Microsoft Windows graphical user interface is easier than ever before. The fast connection to the monitor is certainly a plus that should not be forgotten to be mentioned. Furthermore, it is also compatible with older messages.

Reliable is certainly the device. Features a quick disconnect printer module that can be brought online quickly, this allows for the highest uptime during preventive maintenance. Lifetime is extended and the lowest cost of ownership is offered.

Flexibility is certainly not lacking. This is due to the compact and industrial design that fits the widest range of production line speeds and configurations.

Being able to use the device efficiently is of great importance. They prove efficiency with their piezo technology that ensures accurate and industry-leading ink throw distance. The robust design of the ResMark5000’s system makes it easy to use in the harshest industrial environments.

The following listings are the key features of the device:

  • Patented quick disconnect printer modules for easy swapping
  • Localized wireless connectivity
  • Can connect up to 8 printheads to customize your case coding
  • Print messages up to 4 inches high from a single printhead
  • Industry-leading ink spacing up to ½ inch
  • Shelf life of new, unopened ScanMark ink is 24 months.
  • Smart ink cartridge monitors ink levels and type
  • Automatic cleaning process for high-quality case coding
  • Durable, fully repairable printer modules
  • Reinforced retractors protect print heads
  • Maximum flexibility in system control
  • Industrial touch screen

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