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Evolabel QuickTamp applicator
Technical specifications

The Evolabel QuickTamp G2 applicator is developed with ease of use, reliability, and safety in focus. It is fully automatic and no daily adjustments or calibrations are required. The applicator works with a linear motion and is specially designed for print and apply applications with high demands on speed and precision. It is primarily designed for top labeling, but may also be used for side labeling.

The tamping rod of carbon fiber together with the drive roller configuration equipped with traction control and automatic wear monitoring, ensure high performance throughout the lifetime of the applicator.

The QuickTamp G2 is designed to use the Evolabel patented applicator pad range for optimal label handling. This is obtained by creating vacuum locally in the pad through feeding of compressed air from the applicator. Vacuum is only present when the applicator is in print position. During the apply, the high speed of the QuickTamp G2 makes it possible to turn off the use of vacuum.

Evolabel QuickTamp

The QuickTamp G2 can be mounted on all Evolabel printers and is easily mounted with two screws, a tube for compressed air, and an eApplicator cable for the electronic interface.

The applicator is controlled by the printer, normally by using the signal from an external photo sensor as a direct input to detect the product to be labeled. For information about the printers, we refer to the manual Installation, Maintenance & Service D43/T43/T63.

Together with the custom designed Evolabel software, the QuickTamp G2 may be equipped with a height sensor to handle packages of different heights in the same batch, yet labeling in a continuous and accurate flow. It may usefully also be equipped with a motorized stand to control label positions in a further dimension and to easily adjust to conveyors and other peripherals.

  • Suitable printer models: D43, T43, T63
  • Minimum label size: D43/T43: 30×20 mm, T63: 115×20 mm
  • Maximum label size (WxL): D43/T43: 118×240 mm, T63: 176×240 mm
  • Maximum noise level during apply sequence: 65 dB
  • Maximum noise level during apply sequence: 65 dB
  • Maximum noise level during print sequence (support blow and vacuum): 75 dB
  • Surrounding temperature (operation) +5°C to +40°C
  • Surrounding humidity 20 to 85%
  • Air supply: 6 bar, clean and dry
  • Label apply technology: Step motor driven, linear motion with tamping rod
  • Stroke length (Effective apply distance) :
  • QuickTamp G2 400: 0 – 478 (0 – 400) mm
  • QuickTamp G2 600: 0 – 678 (0 – 600) mm
  • QuickTamp G2 800: 0 – 878 (0 – 800) mm
  • QuickTamp G2 1000: 0 – 1078 (0 – 1000) mm
  • Apply speed: Dependent on tamp rod length and pad size
  • External dimensions (WxHxD);
  • Chassis only: 214 x 165 x 205 mm
  • Chassis and tamping rod: 214 x (length of rod) x 205 mm
  • Air consumption during label apply: ~ 0.1 l/min (no air used during label apply)
  • Communication: EXT 1 (RS-232)
  • Power supply: DC input: 24 VDC / 4.0 A
  • Capacity (depends on label size, stroke length, arm length, apply speed): Dependent on tamp rod length and pad size
  • Applicator weight
    • QuickTamp G2 400: 5.85 kg
    • QuickTamp G2 600: 5.90 kg
    • QuickTamp G2 800: 5.95 kg
    • QuickTamp G2 1000: 6.00 kg

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