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This smart label printer controls the printed labels

A label printer (also called a stitcher machine) that verifies the data on the label – both codes and markings – itself, it exists. Meet the PX940, unique on the market.

This label printer tells you when the quality of a label is not good. What’s more, the printer picks up the label and marks the whole label, so it’s clear that it’s an unusable label.


video PX940

How does this printer do it?

This printer has a built-in ‘verifier’. This is a kind of scanner that ‘checks’ the codes, so to speak. The label printer first prints the label and then it passes the ‘verifier’ which scans the label. It checks all the data on the label. Are they correct? Then this printer prints the next label. Is the printed label wrong? For example, did it print incorrectly, or was it insufficiently or completely illegible? Then the printer swallows the label and marks it again so it is clear that the label is not usable. This is possible thanks to the integrated label verification technology.

The printer is also suitable for small labels and the fast processor ensures that the labels are printed at a high speed.

Watch this unique printer in this video.


  • You can be sure of the quality of the label
  • The printer checks with great precision. This is better than you can do with the naked eye
  • You will recognise non-useful labels immediately
  • Industrial model, it is a robust printer
  • You save time and money

Ask for more information via info@codipack.com

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