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How to recycle your old desktop printers?

recycleren van printers

Your printers have a hard life in the warehouse. They are used frequently and not usually in the cleanest of conditions. After a few years, you may wish to replace them. Or perhaps they are so old that they are no longer compatible with the newer systems in your warehouse. You should also bear in mind that your old printers may represent a network security risk.
In any case, once you have decided to exchange your old printer for a new one, it is good to know that your company can bring its old printers to Codipack Group. We make sure that they are recycled properly. This is not only better for you but also for your warehouse. Otherwise old devices often end up in a corner and are still there years later. Moreover, it is also better for the earth and the environment. So that is a nice bonus.

Would you like more information? Do not hesitate to contact us at info@codipack.com.

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