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Discontinuation of BarTender 2016

We are ending support for BarTender 2016 on 30 April 2023.


If you are still using BarTender 2016, you are missing out on innovative technologies we designed for your business. Update to BarTender 2022, and you will have access to a range of new features that will help you increase your profits. Updates to BarTender 2022 are FREE with an active maintenance and support agreement (MSA).


Do you need the latest version of BarTender?

Companies that do not use the latest supported version of BarTender find that they face higher security and compliance risks and need more IT support.


What you are missing if you are not using BarTender 2022:

BarTender 2022 includes the BarTender Mobile App at no cost. (BarTender 2016 is not compatible).

  • Print anywhere, anytime, from any device
  • Reduce unnecessary steps and costs
  • Increase label accuracy by providing your operators with forms and predefined data entry options



BarTender 2022 comes with a revamped print portal. More detailed user permissions and comprehensive, in-depth administrator controls provide configurable security options so that your teams, partners and suppliers anywhere in the world can instantly access your approved label library. They can select and print labels from any device in an instant, and your system remains protected and secure.



BarTender 2022’s Workflow Designer speeds up design, production and QA to save you money and manpower. The visual, drag-and-drop tool includes:

  • Tracking of label files from start to finish
  • Secure checking and approval via web browser
  • Full capture and recording of revision history



BarTender 2022 comes with 23 different data connectors, allowing you to connect to almost any structured data source, including Oracle, SAP, Microsoft SQL, IBM, etc.

New in BarTender 2022 are Excel Online, Google Sheets, JSON, XML and QuickBooks Online. We have also added a native connector for SAP HANA databases.


More powerful features in BarTender 2022

Label design

  • Updated support for barcode standards, including GS1 version 22 to maintain compliance
  • New WYSIWYG text editing and formatting to design your custom label templates
  • Support for PANTONE colour system


  • New BarTender Mobile App for Android to print from your trusted mobile devices at your work source
  • New print portal and print station with a consistent modern, responsive UI for fast performance and reduced training costs

Automation and integration

  • New, more powerful Integration Builder with improved user interface and additional actions to automate your labelling activities.
  • New BarTender REST API for powerful and flexible integration with your ERP, WMS, MES and business systems.

Workflow and template management

  • New Visual Librarian Workflow Designer to easily build your labelling approval workflows
  • Librarian integration with Print Portal and Print Station for secure centralised management of and access to label templates


  • Licence server redundancy for high availability

Data connection

  • Comprehensive support for more than 20+ databases – easily connect to your business data
  • Dynamic data support to improve data entry and integration by your Print Operators
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