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Codipack invests 1 million Euros in the future

Codipack Group in Olen has just invested one million euros in a new software package to be ready for the future.
Every growing company runs up against its limits at certain times. Then it is time to enter the next phase, so that you again have room to grow smoothly. If you don’t, it won’t go smoothly.

For 30 years Codipack Group has been growing, year after year. When you reach your limits as a growing company, it is time to invest, to create space to grow further. Codipack Group reached this stage and made important decisions to safeguard the future.

We were already using a CRM system and an ERP package, but they were very outdated. Over the years, you build different systems alongside each other and they start to live next to each other. And we really ran up against our limits,’ says Chris Bel, IT manager at Codipack Group. ‘We are currently growing as a company into a data-driven organisation. Digitalisation is high on the agenda.’

Total solution

Codipack Group went in search of a total solution, because as a total specialist in coding & labelling applications including hardware, software, supplies, IT support and even repairs and support, the company has to streamline all information as much as possible.
Obviously at the top of the shopping list: ensuring that all data flows smoothly through all departments. This was also the biggest challenge in this case.

Codipack opted for the full Microsoft Dynamics 365 offering in the Cloud.

Why? ‘Dynamics 365 was developed to grow along with a company, and this was also a requirement for Codipack. Together with them, we found the right way to set up the various software packages, while leaving room for future growth and upscaling of the production processes..’, explains Walter Imberechts, Managing Director of Codipack Group.

The courage to change

At Codipack Group, we have the courage to change, yet this naturally brings an upheaval in a long-standing way of working. Impactful IT projects like this are always about change.
Moreover, it takes time to learn to work efficiently with this new XCRM, which is linked to our ERP Business Central. And a programme like this always has some problems to solve in the beginning. The end of that phase is now in sight, so that we can really reap the benefits of this important investment in the future.’, Walter Imberechts adds.

Codipack Group worked together with Norriq for this project.

About Codipack Group

Codipack Group is a leading player in the Benelux. Codipack Group exists 31 years and has offices in Belgium and the Netherlands.
With 5 fully automated production lines, Codipack makes millions of labels on an annual basis and provides systems for coding and labelling, with associated mobile solutions and software. Codipack has over 5000 customers, both small and large: from the cheese shop around the corner to the multinational.

More info about Codipack Group: www.codipack.com/en/
More info about this project: https://www.norriq.be/cases/codipack