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Codipack flourishes
and recruits

Even in these difficult times, Codipack in Olen is growing. Moreover, the company is currently looking for colleagues to strengthen its team.

At the end of February, when the first corona wave came, many companies held their heads high. Codipack Group was no exception. However, it soon became clear that this period also offers opportunities.
Walter Imberechts, CEO of Codipack Group: ‘The strength of Codipack is that we are active in almost all sectors, from the drinks industry to pharmaceuticals, from chemicals to the metal industry. The food industry and e-commerce in particular have seen a boost, and Codipack is strongly represented in these sectors.

The fact that Codipack is doing well is not surprising if you know that everything you buy is coded: the fragile egg that you eat for breakfast, the bottle of beer that you drink with friends, the box of medication to fight your cold. It is impossible to imagine life without labelling and coding. Not even on the package you just ordered online or on a pallet of bricks when you build your house.

Codipack has even grown so strongly that it has already increased its staff by 6 percent by 2020. By the end of the year, even by 10%. At the moment, the company is still looking for sales colleagues and technicians. Discover our vacancies here.

Press contact: sa@codipack.com

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