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BarTender 2022, Available Now

A white Bartender Print Portal pictogram on a orange background

The newest version of one of the world’s largest labeling softwares is now available. BarTender 2022, now even more comprehensive and user-friendly!


What’s New?

The updated BarTender 2022 is designed for safe, secure, anytime, anywhere printing with a host of additional features:


Print Portal:

  • Print from anywhere, at any time, on any operating system.
  • Customise folders and colours to make documents and labels easier to find.
  • Increase security with advanced security feature settings.
  • Manage detailed user permissions with comprehensive, more in-depth administrator controls.


Print station:

  • Improved look and feel, and even more user-friendly.
  • Apply your own logos and colour schemes.
  • Kiosk mode (using Microsoft Windows 10 kiosk mode)
  • Open and advance files via Librarian workflows to review and approve BarTender documents for production. (Enterprise Edition only)
A white Bartender SAP HANA database connector pictogram on a green background

SAP HANA database connector:

  • Fill labels directly from your SAP database using SAP HANA on premises and Cloud database servcies.
  • (Support from SAP HANA 2.0 SPS 03 and later versions)



  • A wireless technology that can connect billions of everyday objects to the Internet.
A white Bartender REST API pictogram on a blue background


BarTender REST API:

  • Access BarTender actions via REST API to automate label printing.
  • Integrate BarTender and enterprise applications with scripting in formats like YAML and JSON
  • Quickly understand how to use the BarTender REST API using the OpenAPI documentation.

Ready to Update?

If you are a current BarTender user and have an active maintenance contract, you can update to BarTender 2022 at no additional cost.

If you are not yet a BarTender user or do not have an active maintenance contract, we encourage you to contact us at info@codipack.com.

Try the 30-day trail version of BarTender for free.

We strongly recommend that prior to updating your version of BarTender, you:

1. Make a backup of all your BarTender resources.

  • BarTender documents (.btw)
  • Data files (uch as database files, transactional data, etc.)
  • Integration designs (“.tl” for Commander, “.btin” for Integration Platform)
  • BarTender System Database
  • Other resources (such as BarTender components (.btc), graphic files, VBScript functions, etc.)

2. Create a test environment that closely mimics your production environment.

If you are updating a version older than BarTender 2020 or need more information, please contact us at info@codipack.com

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