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7 benefits of an automatic label software (Bartender)

Benefits of an automatic labeling system:

An automatic labeling system has a host of benefits! This blog lists 7 of them. For label printing, there is no program simpler than Bartender. A link to this program can be found at the bottom of the blog.

  1. Reduce IT costs and challenges
    Label creation is automatic
    Design automatically meets proper label guidelines
  2. Intuitive, user-friendly design
    Training is not difficult
    Program layout is clear and easy to use
  3. Reducing label errors
    Templates are pre-programmed. You can use them
  4. Standardization and centralization
    With the right data management, label changes can be made in a matter of seconds, products can be produced quickly, comply with regulations, ship on time and the entire supply chain can be streamlined.
  5. Simplified customization
    You can adjust everything quickly and easily. Every supplier has different guidelines, and every few months the guidelines change. You can respond to this.
  6. Scalability
    Manual labeling or barcode systems can be inefficient, inaccurate, expensive and even dangerous if a label is printed incorrectly. For example, if a food product contains an allergen but it is not listed on the label, not only is it non-compliant, but it can cause a customer to have a severe allergic reaction.
  7. Manage change on a global scale
    Software like BarTender gives you the flexibility to change, grow and do business based on your unique labeling needs, no matter where you operate. BarTender integrates with virtually any business system, including labeling software for small businesses.
Voorbeeld van hoe het Bartender programma er uit ziet.
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