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Heat-resistant labels for tanks and filler pipes

One in four cars in the world drives around with a fuel tank or emission-reducing solution from Omnium Plastic. This makes this company a world player in the automotive industry.

Codipack Group has been working for years with the Auto Inergy department of Plastic Omium. More specifically with the production of plastic fuel tanks and filler pipes.

Plastic Omnium Codipack Group

Due to the strict requirements in the automotive industry, permanent identification is a necessity, not only for safety but also for traceability.

It was therefore necessary to find a label that would not only remain legible for a long time, but that could also withstand the extensive testing of the tanks and filler pipes. The label is applied directly after the blow extrusion, where we are talking about a substrate temperature of no less than 70°C.
Afterwards, the tank is immersed in a bath under a pressure of 5 bar in order to detect any leakage or production error.

The choice of adhesive is also extremely important. Due to the above requirements, the adhesive must be able to withstand high temperatures without losing its strength. The front material must also be flexible and completely waterproof.

We have chosen here for a polyethylene front material in combination with a rubber adhesive with a very high tack value.

Codipack Group has more than 100 different plastic materials in the range to always find a suitable solution for your application.

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Plastic Omnium Codipack Group
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