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Coding of vegetarian products

NVF is a producer of soya products such as tofu and tempeh. The company strives for quality, both in production and in the processing of its products.

machine installatie bij NVF door Codipack

After strong growth, NVF has a number of production lines with a packaging machine (deep-drawing type) on which the THT date (best before date) is applied with a small character inkjet.

With the previous system, this gave time and again faults. This is how NVF Production ended up at Codipack. Together we went looking for an alternative solution. This we have found in the REA JET High Resolution cartridge system.

Codipack Group has built frames for this customer with 3 print heads and with 4 print heads for respectively the small and large line. When the foil strip makes its stroke, 2 horizontal lines are encoded at once.

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