Labels Applications

You can use the labels from Codipack in various applications: chemicals, food, freezer labels, pallet labels, healthcare, concrete industry, wood industry, administration, transport & logistics.

Codipack adhesive labels

Through our years of experience in the field of hardware we know perfectly the requirements of self adhesive labels.

Zebra supplies

Zebra offers a standard range of labels and ink ribbons suitable for the Zebra labelprinters. Contact Codipack for available sizes.

Tags (not adhesive labels)

In addition to the production of self-adhesive labels Codipack also has the possibility to treat non-adhesive material and cut and process them into tickets and tags.

Water soluble labels

Water-soluble labels are the solution for anyone that works with adhesive labels on returnable packaging (boxes, bins, plastic or metal containers, vessels, ...) in various sectors.

Freezer labels

Codipack offers a wide range of frozen labels. Our adhesives are adapted for use in various temperatures.

Pallet SSCC labels

Identification and traceability of your products are top priority within the distribution chain. Codipack offers you complete solutions in pallet labelling machines.