Codipack delivers all common brands labelprinters: Sato, Zebra, Intermec, Toshiba.
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Zebra GT800

Zebra GT800 labelprinters: 300 meter ink ribbon, quick print speed and new features at a competitive price.

Zebra GX430t

The Zebra GX430t thermal transfer label printer offers speed and 300 dpi print resolution.

Zebra GX420

The Zebra GX420 labelprinters offer you a range of options at 6 inch print speed.

Zebra GK420

The Zebra GK420 labelprinters offer you all the comfort of a low volume label printer: easy loading of supplies, speed and durability on a small area.

Zebra GC420

The Zebra GC420 competitive priced labelprinter offers reliability and quality when you need to print low volumes of labels. Successor to the LP2844 and TLP2844 series labelprinters.

Zebra ZT220 – ZT230

The Zebra label printers ZT220-ZT230 were designed as a successor of the Stripe Series and S4M. Advantages: space-saving label printer, easily adjustable, easy to use, easy to maintain.

Zebra ZT410

As successor to the popular Zebra ZM400 labelprinter, the brand new Zebra ZT410 labelprinter promises a professional solution for different applications.

Zebra ZT420

As successor to the popular Zebra ZM600 labelprinter, the brand new Zebra ZT420 labelprinter promises a professional solution for production lines, packing and shipping labels.

Zebra 105SLPlus

The Zebra 105SLPlus labelprinters: industrial power with flexible control options.

Toshiba EX4T1

With a speed of 14ips, the Toshiba EX4T1 barcode printer offers a substantial increase in the productivity of the user. Network and USB are standard interfaces.

Toshiba B852

The Toshiba B-852 label printer delivers remarkable performance with its powerful network capabilities for a wide range of environments.

Toshiba BSX5

The Toshiba BSX5 label printer: top quality Industrial label printer. Suitable for RFID applications.

Toshiba BSX6

The Toshiba BSX6 labelprinters: labelprinters for labels up to 170 mm wide; with RFID functionality and maximum network opportunities.

Toshiba BSX8

The Toshiba BSX8 labelprinters: labelprinters for labels to 213 mm wide; with RFID functionality and maximum network opportunities.

Zebra 110Xi4

The Zebra 110Xi4 label printer gives you super fast 14 ips prints for the most demanding applications.

Zebra 140Xi4

The Zebra 140Xi4 label printer combines a speed of 14ips, ease of use, connectivity and reliability.

Zebra 220Xi4

The Zebra 220Xi4 label printer: for printing wide labels in chemistry and other sectors ...

Sato WS4

The Sato WS4 has a compact design and is suitable for various sectors: healthcare, transport, logistics, retail and production.

Toshiba EV4

For fast, on-demand label printing. The Toshiba EV4 label printers. By default, they have network interface on board.

Sato CG4

The Sato CG408 and Sato CG412 labelprinters are compact desktop labelprinters with superior performance and an attractive price tag.

Sato CG2

The Sato CG2 is a desktop labelprinter with a maximum print width of 2 inches. It's also the ideal device to print wristbands in hospitals and other healthcare environments.

Toshiba EX4D2 – EX4T2

The Toshiba EX4D2 and EX4T2 industrial label printers guarantee you the best print result and the lowest cost of ownership. The Toshiba EX4T2 label printer is available in numerous label printer resolutions.

Toshiba BSA4

The Toshiba BSA4 barcode printers offer you the functionality and robustness of an industrial barcode printer and the small surface and ease of use of a desktop label printer.

Sato CL4NX

The Sato CL4NX is the first universal label printer designed for a perfect ease of use to a wide range of markets.

Sato CL6NX

Sato CL6NX labelprinter with a 6 inch print width is engineered for the ultimate operator experience.

Sato M10e

The Sato M10e label printer-The 10.5" wide print specialist.

Sato M84Pro

Sato M84PRO - The industrial label printer for full continuous printing with resolution up to 600 dpi!

Intermec PC43

The Intermec PC43 compact label printer is easy to install and use, and has an innovative design designed from the user input.

Intermec PM43

With this third generation industrial label printers the Intermec PM43 and its compact version the Intermec PM43c offer you a quick transit, and proven reliability. Choice between model with icons or version with color screen.

Intermec PX4i

The Intermec PX4i label printer offers with its rugged metal case 24 hours a day ,7 days a week label printing, and this in the most demanding environments.

Intermec PX6i

The Intermec PX6i label printers for full-continuous operations of labels up to 6 inch width.